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Motivating, Managing, and Handling Business in Times of Crisis

Rachel Sheerin is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, an international keynote speaker and team trainer.  She motivates and educates high-performers so they can level up their success, increase their impact, and live a life they love.
Join Rachel as she discusses ways to stay focused, engaged, and motivated during times of crisis with these FREE 45-minute webinars.  


Motivating Your Team in a Crisis

When distractions are high and stress is mounting, keeping your team engaged + focused on their goals may feel like its own battle. In this webinar, Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Rachel Sheerin, gives you insight into fast + effective motivational tools for leaders and peers alike to boost morale in stressful times. 

Engaging a Team That's Working from Home

With the option to work from home becoming more available than ever, it's important to learn the steps you can take that will keep your team engaged, happy, and crushing their goals. Rachel Sheerin will guide you in ways to immediately boost trust, understanding, and performance. 

Staying Positive for Clients in the Face of Panic

You'll discover the 3 biggest mistakes professionals make with freaked out clients, and strategies to calm and connect. Way past self-care, Rachel will teach you the high-performing mental habits that will calm you down and lift you up affecting your clients team and community. 

Ensuring Your Virtual Meetings are Productive

With the switch to digital communication, we have an opportunity to make meetings better than ever. In this fast + fun webinar, learn how professional presenter and team trainer Rachel Sheerin makes virtual meetings productive, collaborative, and energizing.

Reposted with permission from Rachel Sheerin.